Suitable for Primary School Kids

Comic Art for Kids

Our Comic Art class, facilitated by visual artist Dina Thodoropoulos teaches young students the fundamentals of drawing using a comic style. Over 8 weeks, Dina builds the skills and understanding of shapes, faces, food, composition and typography. Activities are structured to enhance creativity and allow students to convey and communicate via pictures and images. This is a fun, relaxed class aimed at building self-esteem, developing skills in concentration and fostering a love of drawing. Suitable for ages 8 - 12+ years.
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Kids Yoga and Movement

A great way for boys and girls to unwind after a busy school day in this fun and supportive exercise class. With a focus on movement and creativity, this practical and fun class incorporates a mixture of dance, acrobatics, yoga and mindfulness. It’s an opportunity for students to improve their co-ordination, and to teach trust and connection. The class encourages healthy, functional movement and improves flexibility and muscle tone. At the conclusion of the class, there is a gentle guided meditation, quiet time or another activity to encourage mindfulness. Suitable for 6 – 12 year olds.
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