Watercolour Painting and Mixed Media with Natalie Fernandes

In our class we combine traditional water colour methods with some more unconventional methods such as watercolour and collage, watercolour and pastel, texturing paste, watercolour and ink, as well as interesting resist methods and many more combinations of watercolour to create interesting effects and dynamic colour combinations. Our class is less traditional than some watercolour classes and we focus on exciting compositions of different sizes, as well as studying other artists like Shirley Trevena to inspire our work.  We do projects like interpreting oils in watercolour, strange views, quirky continuous line drawings and washes, cloudscapes, to name a few of our projects so far, and we  focus on taking risks and uncovering new languages in watercolour.

If you are a beginner the tutor will teach you all the basics of watercolour first, and then we will move onto more interesting combinations of watercolour and experimental mediums.  Natalie Fernandes has been teaching for 24 years and has a great deal of experience teaching watercolours and mixed media techniques.

Suitable for beginners and experienced painters.

Tuesdays 1.00pm - 3.00pm
10 classes, $180, starting 17 July
9 classes, $160, starting 9 October