Class Enrolment and Refund Policy


Ashburton Community Centre exists to:

  1. Encourage a sense of belonging to the wider community by providing a welcoming and inclusive environment where people can come to develop their interests and skills
  2. Be responsive to the needs of our community by developing and providing a program of classes and activities that enhance health and social wellbeing


The purposes of this policy is to regulate the enrolment and refund processes of the Centre

Core Policy

Class Bookings, Payments and refunds

  • All classes and activities at the Centre require a minimum number of fully paid enrolments to commence in the relevant term. That minimum number is set at the total discretion of Centre management.
  • Payment must be made within three working days of booking
  • Class enrolments are only confirmed when full payment has been received
  • Refunds will only be given if cancellation is made seven days before the commencement of the course.  An administration fee will apply
  • Refunds are not available once a class has commenced, however exceptional circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis with all requests to be in writing. An administration fee will apply.
  • If ACC is notified at the time of re-enrolment that an existing student is unable to attend all classes for that term, the class cost can be reduced by up to two weeks pro-rata so long as the class has met the minimum required amount of fully paid enrolments. Should there be a waiting list for the class/es the space will be offered to people on the waiting list as a ‘taster’ class for $20.00. No further refunds or term credit will be given for missed classes
  • Full course payment is required unless it is two classes after the commencement date of the activity in which case a pro rata fee will apply. It is not possible to pay for individual sessions. Flexible payment arrangements can be made in cases of financial hardship.  This can be discussed with the Executive Officer on a case by case basis

Re- enrolments

  • Current students will receive a re-enrolment notice prior to the end of each term which will note the due date for payments and re-enrolment
  • The re-enrolment notice is the only notice to re-enrol and no reminders will be given
  • Students currently enrolled in the class are given the first option to enrol in the same class in the next term
  • To take up this option, re-enrolment with full payment must be made by the due date
  • Where classes have a waiting list class places can be maintained should participants take one term off – their place will be offered to the first person on the waiting list for that term only.
  • Enrolments are then open to those on the waiting lists after the due date
  • Class places are not held for students unless full term fees are paid.

Enrolments for children’s classes

  • Children’s classes are graded by the child’s age
  • Children must fit into the age range for the class in which they wish to enrol.  Any exceptions are at the discretion of the tutor