Introducing the Seed Swap Table

A Seed Swap table is an opportunity for local gardeners to donate, exchange or purchase seeds. These are usually fruit and vegetable seeds and it can also be a place to swap recent issues of gardening magazines, books and seedlings and plants.

Our Seed Swap table is located just inside the door to the Centre and anyone can get involved – you don’t need to be a member of the Centre.

How it Works:

Adding Seeds: If you would like to add seeds to our collection please take an envelope, complete the label, and return it with your seeds.

Swapping Seeds: You can swap the seeds you bring in for any other seeds in the collection. If you don’t have any seeds to add, but you’d like to take seeds home to grow you are welcome to take seeds in exchange for gold coin donation, or bring along a new batch of seeds at the end of your harvest.

Growers Notebook: Anyone involved in the Seed Swap is welcome to contribute to our Growers Notebook. Let us know your growing tips and feedback to help other local growers!

You are welcome to visit the Seed Swap Table during our opening hours from 9.00am to 2.30pm week days and have a browse. Happy Growing!