Introducing The Ashy Eco Hub

We are thrilled to introduce the latest ACC initiative – The Ashy Eco Hub. The Ashy Eco Hub provides a convenient one-stop-shop for recycling, sharing and produce from the Centre’s Green Deck for the local community. You can drop off a range of items to be recycled in the labelled tubs, choose a book from the community bookshop or grab a bag of coffee grounds for your garden. We are also on the look out for more ideas to grow our Eco Hub so let us know if there is something you would like to add to this evolving vibrant corner in our Centre.

The seed funding for the Eco Hub has generously been provided by the Bendigo Bank, and the Eco Hub is resourced by the Centre’s team of staff and volunteers who manage and organise the recycling of the items that are collected.

Our Centre receives ongoing support from the City of Boroondara, but this is unable to cover to the multitude of activities, initiatives and supports that we provide to the community. Financial donations are always welcome to help support the Ashy Eco Hub. Coins can be left in the yellow piggy banks, or you can click here to donate online – thank you for your support!

Our fabulous volunteer Barb is usually available on Wednesday mornings to catch up and share environmental pearls of wisdom! She is an absolute wealth of knowledge on all things recycling. Our Green Deck volunteer Charlotte is regularly topping up the Green Deck trolley with plants, seedlings, seeds, coffee grounds and more – it’s always worth a look.

We currently collect the following items for recycling: plastic bread tags, batteries, blister packs, glasses & hearing aids, wire coat hangers, skincare & make-up packaging, corks, plastic lids, and printer & ink cartridges. With more to come!