The Green Deck Project

The Green Deck project is designed to educate and inspire our members and the local Ashburton community to adopt sustainable practices such as small-scale food and herb gardening, composting and recycling food waste, which are all actions that support the reduction of organic waste into landfill.

It is an eco-friendly space located on the front deck of the Centre. We welcome you and other community members to visit and learn more about the sustainable practices that we’d love to see more in our neighbourhood.

The Green Deck consists of raised garden beds, pots of edible plants and two Hungry Bin worm farms. The purpose of the project is to encourage conversations about practical methods that can be adopted to become more sustainable at home and at work. It is just one example of what can be done in a small space, and the same principles can also be adapted to suit a larger space.
Activities that are undertaken at The Green Deck include:

  • the growing of herbs and leafy greens
  • the propagation of seeds and seedlings
  • the composting of organic waste & coffee grounds in our worm farms
  • the production of worm tea and worm castings
  • the collection of spent coffee grounds from local cafe, Mr Brownstone

Produce from the garden, worm tea and coffee grounds are available from the foyer of our Centre for a gold coin donation. Also located in our foyer is our complementary Seed Swap table initiative.

The establishment of the Green Deck has been funded with thanks to the City of Boroondara’s Community Strengthening Grants and aims to be self-sustaining through the sale of items generated by the garden including the sale of seeds, seedlings and worm tea.

Volunteering Opportunities
If you are a member of our Centre and if you are interested in volunteering opportunities at the Green Deck, please contact Partnerships & Marketing Officer, Natasha Kuperman on 9885 7952 or email

Our thanks to Summit Select who donated Greenlife garden products including the mini greenhouses, planter boxes and trolley to the value of $400:

Our Hungry Bin worm farms were purchased from Worm Lovers:

Our raised garden bed and stand was purchased from Vegepod: