Centre closed for lockdown from Friday May 28, 2021

Unfortunately, due to the restrictions announced today by the Acting Premier, our Centre will be closed beginning tomorrow, May 28 2021. Here is what will be happening while the Centre is closed:

Live-Streamed or Online Classes & Activities
If you attend a class or activity which is either online or live-streamed, we are planning to continue these classes in their online format. If this is not possible for some classes we will be contacting you to let you know.

In-Centre Classes & Activities
These classes and activities have been cancelled and we will be in touch once we have scheduled a make-up session at a later time. There may be an opportunity to run your regular in-Centre class online via Zoom. If we are able to arrange this with the tutor, your class will be notified with the Zoom links to attend.

Outdoor Classes or Activities
Unfortunately, the restrictions do not allow exercising in groups so we will need to cancel our outdoor class/activity and reschedule. We will be in touch to arrange this.

If you have any questions, you can contact the office via email on office@ashburtoncc.org.au for any enquiries, or please leave a message when you call us on 9885 7952 and we will return your call. During current restrictions, all members of our staff including tutors, office staff and group co-ordinators are working from home so we appreciate your patience and will respond to all enquiries as efficiently as we can.