Updated COVID Safe Measures at our Centre

The Ashburton Community Centre has a COVID-Safe plan which is in line with all current Government guidelines. Please see our website for any further updates to these measures. This includes the following measures (as of March 22, 2021):

  • Record keeping – only people enrolled in classes and activities should attend any class or activity. Roll-taking will occur at the beginning of every session and will ensure that only enrolled participants are present.
  • Please bring your own equipment to classes & activities. Do not share any equipment, especially in exercise classes.
  • Visitors to the Centre will be asked to sign in using the QR code on display
  • Our reception area is now open for enquiries and payments, however we encourage you all to use the phone or website where possible to minimise face-to-face interactions.
  • Within the Centre, and in classes, all people should maintain a 1.5m distance & wear a mask when this is not possible.
  • Please sanitise your hands each time you arrive at the Centre at one of the sanitising stations.
  • Please arrive no earlier that 5 minutes prior to your class.
  • Please be aware that windows and doors will often be open in classrooms to assist with air flow, please dress comfortably with this in mind when attending.
  • Mask wearing is in line with current Victorian government guidelines. Disposable masks are available if required
  • All spaces within the Centre have a maximum capacity limit based on current government guidelines.
  • Tea and coffee making facilities are unavailable – people are encouraged to bring their own water bottle and/or thermos or purchase from local traders.
  • The outdoor deck space is available for limited number of people to socialise for a short time.

We are grateful for your understanding of these measures which enable our Centre to offer a range of activities in a COVID-Safe and supportive environment for all.