Now Available: ‘Phone In’ Option for Classes, Groups & Activities

What is it?
Ashburton Community Centre is happy to be able to now offer an easy dial-in service to any of our online classes and activities. All you need is your regular landline or your mobile phone – no internet or other tech devices required!

What will you experience?
You will be able to hear everyone and talk with people. You will not be able to see anyone. The meeting may be a combination of people online and people phoning in or it might be purely a dial-in meeting.  Those people who are online will be able to see the other people online and will also be able to see that you are a part of the meeting.

Depending on the number of people, the meeting is able to be split into smaller discussion groups to enable easier communication.

This feature is better suited to audible related meetings (e.g. book clubs and discussion-based groups) rather than visual based meetings (e.g. art classes and exercise classes).

How can you access this feature? 3 easy steps:

  • Have your meeting ID and password (always 3147) on-hand. Your meeting ID is the same 11 digit number as for the online class or activity. (Contact our office if you don’t have these details)
  • Dial this number: phone 7018 2005 (a local Victorian number)
  • Follow the prompts to enter your Meeting ID and then # and password and then #. Ignore the prompt to enter your participant number and just enter # when prompted. The # symbol is under the number 9 on your phone.

Meeting Protocols


  • Let the host (e.g. Tutor or Connect Group Coordinator) know you are interested in joining the session beforehand by phone.
  • Join on time using the above instructions.
  • Follow the host’s directions, as far as when/how to join the conversation
  • Provide your name each time you speak, so that everyone knows who it is who is talking.  Remember that people will be using your voice to identify you and vice versa.
  • Make sure there is no background noise when in the meeting 

Phone Meeting Challenges – It is not as easy to direct discussion/conversation when there are no visuals (e.g. for raising your hand) or written chat facilities, as participants are not able to indicate they wish to be given an opportunity to speak. However, using your phone, is a far better option than not participating as you remain connected, involved and engaged in the subject matter.

 Tips for the Meeting Host

The meeting host will manage both the tech side of the meeting and ensure that everyone has opportunities to be engaged.  (These two functions may be split between two people).

The meeting host can run the meeting in different ways:

  • Formally – All participants are to refrain from speaking/interrupting others until individually invited to speak or respond to questions.  This will suit larger (8+) groups. This will ensure everyone can hear and has opportunities to contribute.
  • Informally – If the number of people in the group is less that 6-8, it is possible to have a more relaxed and interactive conversation.

Bigger groups can be split into smaller groups for periods of time during the meeting.  The host can do this by using the “breakout rooms feature” (contact the Tech Helpline for more information on this if required).

The meeting host will set the ground rules at the beginning of the meeting and will ask for feedback at the end of the meeting to see if there are ways to improve the methods of interaction.

Need Support?

Contact our Tech Helpline. Phone 1300 93 93 33 for free over the phone support on any of these features. Our Digital Mentors can support you if you are a meeting host or a participant.