Term 4 Enrolments Open Tuesday 21st September

How classes will be run in Term 4
All classes currently running online will continue to be run online in Term 4 until restrictions change. Once we can re-open, we will shift our usual on-site classes and activities back to the Centre (and where possible to offer livestream options so they can also be accessed remotely). There may be some classes and activities that will continue to be run online, depending on tutor and class preference.

For Current Students
On Tuesday September 21 you will be automatically re-enrolled into your Term 4 class. Credits for missed classes in Term 3 have been completed and are in your account ready to be applied to any ACC invoices.

How to Pay
From Tuesday 21 September your Term 4 invoice will be ready for payment. You can easily pay online to complete your enrolment by following these simple instructions – any credits are automatically applied during this process

If you require additional support, you can pay over the phone by calling and leaving a message for our staff. A member of the team will then call back to take your payment details. As all staff are working from home we would appreciate your patience if this is your chosen way to enrol.

New Students
If you would like to enrol for Term 4 in a new class, all Term 4 classes and their availability will be available through our 
Courses and Activities portal on Tuesday September 21, so take a look.